Undertake in today's world

Bring science and inventions toward society.

Yoobaky is an imaginary entrepreneur & researcher, descendant of Nicolas Bourbaky*.
From his origins, he retained the notions of science, collective, structure and assembly.
From his youth, he has a digital sensibility, an entrepreneurial nature, and a strong motivation for novelty.”
Yoobaky Ventures is a group of entrepreneurs with complementary profiles that combines a large scope of expertise, experience, and partners, at the service of concrete, fast and effective realizations.

This collective leads a portfolio of practical projects and can leverage an extensive network of independent “Yoobaky advisors” and a selection of “corporate partners”.

In summary, through its background, skills and experiences, Yoobaky Ventures provides today :


*Nicolas Bourbaki is an imaginary mathematician, under whose name a group of mathematicians, (steered by André Wreil) started to write and edit mathematical texts in the late of 1930s. They published a coherent presentation of mathematics, based on the concept of structure, in a series of books under the name “Eléments de mathématique”.

Yoobaky Vision

“Innovation is making the link between the invention and the market.”

Beyond the recurring renewal of products and services, Innovating is providing solutions to social, environmental and economic challenges, in an ongoing changing world and complex systems.

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Inventions (models, patents, concepts, simple ideas and decisions, etc…) are abounding. The expectations of the market and the society are multiple, urgent and critical (health, social balance, living environment, education, etc.). To innovate is to integrate the contemporary paradigms, the complexity of ecosystems, and especially overstep the interplay of current actors.

Innovation is to test, to put forward, to achieve further and faster, by taking into account the stakeholders’ expectations and at the same time thinking out of the box.

Yoobaky believes in open innovation, in disruptive business models, in links between stakeholders who do not always understand one another, to foster structural changes of society.

We believe in accelerated execution capabilities, which enable testing both the final users as well as the key stakeholders influencing the market access.


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Yoobaky Ventures Mission

Undertake in today’s world. Move science and inventions toward society.

Design the new offers and their business models, allowing market adoption and sustainability of the implementation.

In other words, our mission is to put forward, test, execute simple solutions in complex systems.


  • Manage and implement projects as entrepreneurs: projects we invent or projects you submit.
  • Invest time, network and mobilize financial resources.


  • Deal with regulatory changes, with societal and political issues, with technological disruptions, with out of stream business models.
  • Design solutions at the cross road of traditional sectors: health, environment, energy, digital, …

Our scope of work:
the projects and the innovation objects

Ways of working

  • An initial diagnosis, shared, without any further commitment: you may keep the option to do or not, with or without us.
  • A simple and detailed contractual framework by phase (design, network, diffusion), indexing remunerations on bases clearly defined, with shared objectives and common goals.
  • An autonomous project implementation, in a logic of fast execution, with adequate resources mobilization as the project requires, and shared monitoring progress.
  • Focused and responsive communications.

Our value proposition

  • Move your inventions to the market, with strong entrepreneurial spirit and expertise.
  • Bring a systemic design of the offer, integrating the decision factors and the adoption conditions.
  • Mobilize the best resources (competence and financial), expertise and partners required at different stages of the project.
  • Accelerate the prototyping and quickly realize the market tests.
  • Invest our time and network. Share the value creation with a clear and transparent framework.

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You are

  • Scientific or institutional project holders
  • Company (Research & Innovation, Marketing, Public Affairs)
  • Creators of knowledge (School, Research Centers, …)
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Public operators
  • Investors

You have

  • An idea, a concept
  • A specific know-how
  • A development capacity of knowledge and/or market
  • A patent
  • A knowledge of key issues on which innovation is missing

You don't have

  • Time
  • Networks & partners
  • Accessible resources
  • Organizational flexibility
  • Entrepreneurial know-how

You are looking for

  • A pioneer operator, a builder, an assembler, a doer
  • A partner ready to take risks with you…
  • … and able to secure innovation process

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Yoobaky - 37 rue des Mathurins - 75008 Paris - FRANCE - info@yoobaky.com

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